Morphpedia needs more pics

In the case of inc dom morphs, there really needs to be a pic of the super form. In fact, I would argue that if you want to get your new gene listed, and you are claiming it’s an inc dom, then you should have an example of the super form, right? Except in those cases where the super is lethal, which should be noted.

Also, where a gene is part of an ALS allelic complex, in addition to the links and pics of the complex partner genes (thank you👍), pics of the simple allelic combos would be very helpful.

I realize that WWoBP already fills some of this need, but there is no reason not to have the Morphpedia do something similar. Would love to see the recessives in simple combos with popular genes. I think that would be a great resource for breeders to see potential directions for their projects.


Oh, we are with you on this. We want the galleries on the MP articles to be full to the brim with pictures of all the combos, supers… etc, you can imagine… and I will get there eventually. It’s a manpower issue, but our team is growing.

We did attempt to auto-fill the images with some code to drag them from the marketplace, but then we ended up with poor-quality pictures and questionable traits dotted throughout the project.

Honestly, though, the best and fastest way we can achieve this is by community contributions. If you see a Super/Combo while browsing the market, post the link over on the MP article it matches.

With that said, I think a “Super” section may be necessary within incdom articles, above the Related Traits.


Add in an “adult pic” section.

No, not that kind of adult pic. :shushing_face::wink:

Seriously though, some if these genes/morphs change so radically as the animals age (looking at you clowns, dreamsicles, etc.), that adult pics might be really helpful.

Also, can we please start getting a “standard” reference built (recognizing that many species have significant variance)? I mean, maybe each month or so ask for community pics of the “typical” example of the gene, from multiple angles, and then have a vote from people for which is the most “ness” of that gene. Which should then be the lead photo on the pedia. Might help cut down on some of the “what morph is my…, I think it has more than just pastel…” posts for simple genes.

Looking at you, ball python people, right… at… you… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And related, maybe start the same thing for simple morphs, just two or three genes. We always say as breeders, to get good quality, you need to start with good quality. Part of that is the opinion of the community. What is a good lemon blast bp? What does a high quality GC Tiger retic look like? Can we tell which of two different Eclipse boa morphs is the nicer one? Don’t get me started on corn snake and leopard gecko morphs, I haven’t had enough coffee for that yet…:crazy_face::rofl:

Yep, pic skills/setups vary. That’s ok, we’re looking for the best examples anyway. Not saying we’re going to see the AKC of the reptile world anytime soon, but maybe some agreement?


We will likely expand the Morphpedia to combos eventually, but for now we want to cover as many “base” traits as possible across all species.

There are so many diffrent ideas and features we will playing with in the future for the MP, its really exciting… but takes a awful lot of work. We are only 3 years in from the initial idea… a lot of that was spent creating the process/layout/front end site/coding/making mistakes/fixing said mistakes/begging for contributions… and we have already published (and maintain) ~620 pretty rich articles.

… What im getting at is, the Morphpedia is still in its baby years… we have a lot up our sleeves to come.
Keep making threads like these. I love them.

While we are here, a massive thank you to @solarserpents who has been in the shadows working incredibly hard on these articles for a long time. From creating nearly every corn article, to proof reading and fixing all the other categories spelling mistakes and errors. :heart: