Moving Day Group Shot

I emptied out our breeder sand and rosy boa rack to move it, and snapped this shot of the inhabitants all together. I thought it was cool enough to share.


Looks like a fun time in the old bin tonight!


Every one of them is beautiful.
I count 10… I think… Maybe.

I love the fishbait Boas. Miss keeping KSB. Nice tub of Boas.

Wow! All so beautiful!

There are 13 snakes in the bin, 6 rosy and 7 KSB. Altogether, they are:
2.2 Mountain Springs Rosy Boa (blue coastal)
1.1 Albino Harquahala Rosy Boa (desert)
1.1 Cal Flame KSB
1.0 Dodoma cross het Paint KSB
0.1 Stripe het Paint KSB
0.1 Anery het Bell Albino Splash KSB
1.0 Paradox Albino het Anery KSB
0.1 Normal KSB (our first sand boa, kept for sentimental reasons)


Definitely cool enough. Great Pic!