Multiple sired clutches

Hi all,

To make a long story short, while on vacation, my SHTCTB male and female ended up accidentally swapped by the person watching my animals and the male ended up with one of my female colonies. The result was one of my females becoming gravid with a cross I was not planning to have. The female is a Mack snow tremper and the male has no known hets. She’s laid 3 clutches so far. I have two questions:

  1. My intention was to pair this female to my Super mack snow Blizzard male. What should I expect if I pair them now? Will the offspring be either male’s?

  2. I’m expecting half the current babies to be mack snow het tremper. What will the other half be, besides het tremper? Tangerine is a line bred trait, so will those half that did not get the snow gene look like tangerines, normals or something in between?


If your tangerine male bred the female after your planned male he will likely be the sire of the clutch. If he sired the clutch the babies will all be het tremper and half of them will be mack snow. All of the babies will have varying degrees of the male’s traits. The babies that didn’t get the snow will have varying degrees of tangerine and the male’s other traits. Some will look like tangerines and some will look like normals.

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Thank you! That’s how I understood the babies would come out, so good to get that confirmation!

So pairing my super snow blizzard to her now will make subsequent clutches likely to be sired by the more recent male, correct? So far I haven’t paired her to any male besides the accidental tangerine.

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It’s very late in the season to pair them. I would personally wait until next year to pair them. Since the female will likely only lay a handful of clutches, it should be fine to pair her next year as long as she is healthy. But, usually the male that breeds the female the latest will sire the clutch, but there are exceptions.