My 1st Crestie!

He stole mt heart @ an expo… my main friend group cant believe I ve bever owned one…all these years…bamed him Gregory!

** named him Gregory


I have other lizards…but Ima snake person…boas…to be specific…but after this little dude stole my heart…I get why people like em soooo much. He just runs up my arm & then looks @ me all silly…soooo cute

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He likes his globe plant…he us so tiny still…soooo freaking cute!!! Loves him!

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I love the globe, I was thinking of getting some myself, but haven’t yet.

Gregory looks so cute. I have a few favourites here because they have an amazing personality.

We have ball pythons also, but Cresties are my fav

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He/she is cute :blush:

I will just say, defo ass more branches in the tub for him/her! :black_heart:

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