My 2021 Ball Pythons season Anticipation is insane!

Hey everyone I have a lot of exciting clutches I’m waiting on this season and 3 clutches already in the incubator. Drop a pic and information of your most anticipated clutch.
I have …
Enchi Fire Special × Blade Clown
Enchi Asphalt × Pastel Super Vanilla
Enchi Asphalt × Yellowbelly
Clutches in the incubator already.
I’m waiting on
Blackhead het Clown × Yellowbelly Het clown
Clown het DG × 2 Dbl het females (:scream:)
Blackhead het Clown × Pastel Lesser het clown
Clown × Ultramel het G-stripe
Enchi Asphalt × Pied
Enchi Asphalt × Chocolate
Calico Spotnose Chocolate Pin het Hypo × Calico Chocolate Het Hypo
Pastel Leopard Het Ultramel × het Ultramel
Hypo Pastel Enchi Butter het DG × Spotnose Yellowbelly Dbl Het Hypo DG ( produced insane babies last year.)
Spector Spotnose Dbl het Hypo DG × Super Leopard Dbl het DG Pied
Clown het DG × DG
Yellowbelly Orange Dream het clown × OD het Clown


I have the say that list is absolutely face melting lol. I would really like to see the chocolate spotnose combos you hatch! Best of luck! Look forward to seeing some hatchling photos!

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Thanks I’m really hoping to hit a hypo super chocolate calico, and a hypo spotnose chocolate calico :crossed_fingers:

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I love super chocolate hypo one of my favorites. I have hatched super sable but never super chocolate! I’m pairing for spotnose chocolate and sable spotnose next season!

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Very nice I’ve been slacking on Sable

Wow! If I had a breeding lineup like that I’d also be going insane from anticipation! Looking forward to seeing what you hatch!

My most anticipated clutch this year is pretty simple, and I’m afraid I’m jinxing it by talking about it :laughing:
But I should have a Trojan het Pied x Vanilla Pied clutch going into the incubator in the next few weeks. I just want to see a Trojan Pied. Nothing crazy but it’s only a 70% chance since I’m only expecting four eggs from her. Could easily miss. :crossed_fingers:


I’ve been pretty outta luck for 2021’s season, with only one female building follicles (she hasn’t ovulated yet, it’s driving me nuts!
Been off food for almost 2 1/2 months now but her follicles haven’t gotten any bigger or smaller from what my palpating can feel… pairing is 1.0 super mystic x 0.1 butter, repeat pairing from last year)

But for 2022:

Ball pythons:
1.0 banana piebald x 0.1 het piebald
1.0 banana piebald x 0.1 het piebald
1.0 banana piebald x 0.1 normal (female has het pied markers so wanting to test breed her to see if she might actually be het pied)
1.0 VPI axanthic spider x 0.1 pastel het VPI axanthic
1.0 super mystic x 0.1 pastel super mojave
1.0 cinnamon mahogany het albino x 0.1 pastel mojave enchi mahogany het albino
1.0 cinnamon mahogany het albino x 0.1 albino
1.0 banana pastel clown x 0.1 pewter

1.0 lavender het albino x 0.1 green phase normal
1.0 lavender het albino x 0.1 red albino
1.0 snow x 0.1 albino superconda

Some of these pairings are a maybe just because I don’t know if the snake(s) in question will be up to size by the next season, but most of the younger female ball pythons are at least 700-1000+ grams as of right now, and younger males over 300+ grams… all still eating well of course

With my hognoses my third pairing is a big maybe. Male is 20 grams (eats like crazy though), female is a July 2019 at 100 grams so they still got quite a bit of growing to do.


I love Trojan combos I’ll need to see it if you hit it for sure. Trojan is a gene I’ve slacked on but hopefully make up for it this season sometime. :crossed_fingers:I’ve heard of some awesome pairings happening with it this year.

Dang I feel you on the slow follicle development, I have a couple girls that are bigger than last year at this time, then some females that still have small follicles compared to last year. So I have a feeling this years babies are going to be very spread out.

Next year look like a solid line up if it works out :crossed_fingers:

This is the girl for reference. You can see her build even with her sitting there, but my main concern right now is her abscesses. There’s two bumps on the left (her left) side of the lower jaw, from what I can tell.

When I first started pairing her late last year they didn’t look too bad, and since I got them removed before and they just came back, I thought it wouldn’t be a huge deal. Not to mention she was still eating as enthusiastically as she always has, despite the abscesses. She also drinks just fine.

But the abscesses just keep getting bigger, she seems super uncomfortable with her face being touched, and it’s honestly scaring me. But I also don’t want to put her through surgery again on top of follicle building, so I’m waiting for her to go through with that so I can get her back on food and then get her into the vet to try and get it fixed again.


There’s a very good chance on one hand that if they get bad enough, she will reabsorb or not want to build follicles big enough to go. Then could risk infection of the sort and lose her and the clutch. I personally would go for the health of the mother. If she’s to stressed she will Reasorb and live on to lay a clutch another year. She is beautiful

It would work well with a lot of your collection! This year I did 3 sable pairings

Super sable vanilla x
Butter het clown
Butter fire

Sable pewter red gene x lemon blast het clown



This morning started off great I got to pull one clutch from a Pastel Leopard Het Ultramel × het Ultramel and then 2 of my super anticipated pairings are ovulating :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That is awesome, can’t wait to see the hatchlings!!

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Those are some awesome pairings. I have a clutch cooking now from either a super pastel GHI Yb or pastel acid to a firefly Enchi. I really hope the pastel acid fathered the clutch :pray:


Ooh nice Yeah I’m really starting to think it’s time to add Acid


Well with some luck I may have a few for sale. There is so much still to do with acid.


A few of the left overs from last season


90 ish long days now and counting to hoping for a Specter Spotnose Leopard Desert Ghost :crossed_fingers:
She was paired to My Specter Spotnose Dbl het Hypo DG