My 4 yo ball python hasn't pooped in 10 days after he ate. Is he ok?

I need advice thanks :slight_smile:

The title of the topic looks a bit mistyped, but I think you’re saying your adult ball python hasn’t defecated in 10 days since a meal?

Yes sorry this is my first post in a while


No worries, just wanted to clarify. I wouldn’t be too concerned, just make sure there’s an appropriate level of humidity in the enclosure and that they’re getting the right amount of heat and have a good supply of water, and everything should be fine. Give it another week or so under optimal conditions and if there’s no movements by then, keep an eye out for visual signs of impaction, such as an extremely swollen looking section of the body leading up to the base of the tail. If you see anything worth concern by then, arrange a visit to the vet, otherwise, it should all work itself out just fine.

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Ok thanks for answering:)

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