My ball python roams enclosure a lot

I’ve noticed my ball python roaming the enclosure, a lot roughly around the 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Mark every evening I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere this is a indication that my setup isn’t right. What’s your thoughts on this, is this accurate or is it normal for them to spend an hour to 2 hours roaming around

They are nocturnal, they will tend to be more active at night.

@dan88 mine did a lot in the first enclosure I had her in. After moving her she became a lot more “ball python-like.” I can’t say for sure but I think for mine some of it was I didn’t have the best hides at first and her aquarium had a lot of light getting in so I think she may have been seeking a better hiding spot.
Wasn’t stressed enough to miss meals or have any major health concerns but that was my best guess based on how her behavior changed when I upgraded her hides and got her in a better overall setup.

Honestly I kind of enjoyed watching her roam about some but it’s probably better now that she is acting more like a BP should. Not sure if yours could be acting the same or not but might not hurt to examine your hides and enclosure. If they can’t be 100% hidden in their hides or they let light in they might be looking for a better spot.

It’s also possible they are just more active when younger…this was my first snake so I don’t have years of experience, and I’ve since moved to a rack so I don’t know how much my other “new” snakes acted like this when I first got them.

I’ve had my girl for nearly 2 years now. Champion eater. Perfect sheds. Amazing personality. She is in a large tank (think somewhere around 50 to 60 gallons?) and every so often she gets the itch to roam it. What I’ve found in my time having her is when she was little she loved to roam for hours every night. Now, it’s all about being hungry and wanting a food item.

The key thing to remember is every snake is different. Some want nothing more to sit in their hide and wait for food. Some want to explore every nook and cranny. Some wanna soak in their water bowl from time to time. Some wanna be up high. Some wanna stay on the ground. It’s your job as a snake owner to figure out what your snake likes and dislikes. Give them opportunity to climb up something safe, different sizes of hides to cram into, ect ect. You want to give them the options.

As long as your humidity and heat is on point then let your snake do what she wants to do. Enjoy her being so active and not just a lump under a hide. It’s not always a bad thing.