My cute lil Bamboo girl!

This is my lil girl! Born 27th July. Can’t wait to get her! Just waiting for more feeds and more weight gain before we courier her to me from the breeder!
She’s a Bamboo pos YB, so if anyone wants to have a guess if she is or not please do as I’m not sure myself! :sweat_smile:
Will update pics when I get her in September :heart_eyes:


better photos of the side merging to the belly will help.


It does seem a pain to yell on bamboos :sweat_smile:
When I get her next month I’ll get more of her belly and sides. Got sent them today so thought I’d show her and ask. :grin:
Can’t come soon enough!
Wonder if she’ll try to attack me like my new lil boy too :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile: