My Eastern boxes and garter🐍🐢


Awesome animals! Love garter snakes, unlike most snakes, the actually do well in communities with proper sized enclosures :slight_smile: such cool animals! And some of their morphs are just stunning, love red sideds

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Thanks! And those red sides are neat!

I am not allowed to own Eastern box turtles here because they are protected. What state are you in?


It is illegal to keep them in Pennsylvania, is it not?

It appears from looking online you are right… :grimacing:

I would directly contact someone because half of what I read says they’re illegal and the other half says they’re illegal to catch. There could be a permit to allow you to legally possess them.

Alright, these turtles have been in captivity since I was a kid.

They shouldn’t be released in the wild because they could have pathogens that could harm native wildlife. However I don’t know if you can legally keep them.

Yea, I see online that I lit started Jan 07’ but there isn’t too much info that I can find.

Many laws like that pop up, usually there is a grace period where you register the animals and get a license to keep them u til they pass. The problem is not every keeper is checking to see if their pets get banned on a regular basis, so many dont even know they were supposed to do this. If you had yours pre ban, it may be a bit late, as proving they are preban is tough. Id just be careful where you post them, or simply acknowledge they are preban in your post so the warriors dont get upset. Obviously if they were post ban, id recommend surrendering them to a licensed rehabilitator to live their lives safely without risk to the local ecosystem.

What i will say is use your best discretion.

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