My House snake pair

Very nice I’ve my name on a pair of 2022 baby’s from a breeder.


Whoa - those are :fire:! KZN Red really adds a lot to the house snake phenotype. Add in T+ Albino and how can you go wrong? I’d like to add Ugandan Greens to our collection eventually, but we are really enjoying the House Snake pair we have. Let us know when eggs start dropping!


Very nice. I have a 1.2 KZN T- albino trio I can’t wait to grow up. They’re wonderful snakes.


Thank you! I appreciate it for real!


@saleengrinch hows the husbandry on these?

They are pretty bullet proof. I keep mine in 32 qt tubs in a vision rack. 85 hot side mix of cypress and coconut.

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Is this per season? Do you need to do anything to encourage multiple clutches or will the female just do that pretty much on her own (assuming good husbandry, of course)?

No real “season” they will breed year round. They can actually lay like 6 clutches in a year. Which is why I only pair once and not after ever clutch otherwise they will lay non stop.

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Goodness! That could become overwhelming very quickly.

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You can absolutely get 6-7 clutches a year from house snakes, but that kind of stress can easily kill them. I give my female an entire year off after she lays her set of clutches. It takes alot out of them and seems to drastically reduce their lifespan if over bred

Females retain sperm, breed them once and keep that incubator ready

That many clutches is mind blowing! Of course that’s bound to be hard on a female. Too much repro always is, for any creature. How do you shut that down and stop a female from laying repeatedly? It is nothing like house snake level, but I know with my corn snakes, there are a few females who are going to double clutch every year no matter what I do. Had a couple who would lay even when I tried to give them the year off.

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