My latest scorpions just arrived

Omg these are like 2nd instar so pretty tiny im thinking of keeping them in smaller containers until they reach like 4i.

I got a Parabuthus Villosus Orange and a bonus free scorpion Hottentotta Tamulus.

Both of these species are very Hot and the Hottentotta Tamulus is top of the list, the Hottentotta are also partheneogenic ( my 1st partho) i kinda figured id get this as a bonus, i don’t particularly relish the prospect of having lots of very hot scorpions, but as they say beggars can’t be choosers.


I know nothing about scorpions, but if you’re excited then I’m excited too!

I’ve never seen anyone mention the sizing scale for scorpions before? Can you give more info on that?
What would be the size of a 4i?


The sizing varies on the species of the scorpion. Basically scorpions have stages of life ranging from 1i (new born) to 5i,6i and 7i (adults) the better their environmental settings and abundance of foods will enhance the growth rate.

Scorpions molt their old exoskeleton just as all arachnids and arthropods. Some species such as the Brazilian yellow reach maturity in about 8 months they are also partheneogenic so they are a very prolific species.

The Parabuthus Villosus Orange is the largest Buthidae and they reach 7 inches where as the Hottentotta Tamulus reaches 2 to 3.5 inches. So a 4th instar of the Parabuthus would be much bigger than the Hottentotta.

I have never measured my scorpions as i never handle them without tongs. I also don’t wish to hurt or stress them by attempting to measure them. Its safest for us all.

The instar (molt stage) is just the number of molts they have gone through. Some species might mature at 5i for the males up to 7i for the females. These vary from species to species.

Right now id estimate my scorpions to be about an inch in size just a guesstimate by looking at them.

I hope my explanation isn’t to difficult to understand.


They’re so chubby! We have a lot of wild Arizona bark scorpions around here. I don’t like finding them in the house or worrying about my kids or pets getting stung, but I do think they’re really cool looking little creatures.


Yes the bark scorpions do have the most potent venom of all North American species. They are the only dangerous scorpions in North America.

Scorpions can squeeze into tiny cracks etc. To get in homes. You really have to inspect and seal every crack, doorway, garage door etc.
Don’t give them places to hide such as rocks, wood piles. Don’t leave food that attracts bugs. Pull any weeds that can be used as hiding spots.

When i lived in Arizona they had these weeds that literally grew like weeds, very big and very fast . We were constantly pulling out these weeds.

While its impossible to keep every insects and arachnids out you can limit the amount that you encounter. I use to always get black widows in my home and id have to collect them to release them outside. My friend use to kill them on sight which really made me mad.

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