My new boa Pugsley

She will arrive tomorrow. Kubsch/RC Pastel Poss Het Squaretail Boa Constrictor by Michael Masters

I’m not really sure what all of her morphs and hets mean… I purchased her on looks alone. She has a slight overbite so is being sold as a pet. I purchased her as a pet, no breeding for this girl.
I’ll post a picture of her tomorrow, she is just gorgeous. One thing I am wondering about, she has a lot of pink on her body, it’s her base body color. I’m wondering if the pink will turn white or, if she is white and was just blushing, or if her pink will turn cream-colored or beige or whatever.

I know it’s crazy to ask questions about a snake without posting a picture, she will be coming tomorrow, but I thought possibly from the description someone might know what is usually expected for this particular morph.


I have a male RC Pastel who’s pinks get even better every day. Congrats in the acquisition.


Pugsley, I may need a better name for a beautiful girl.

Picture used with Michael Masters (breeders) permission. I couldn’t get a good shot.


Pugsley is a great name!!


I don’t know much about boa morphs but I can tell you that the Pos Het Squaretail means that she might be het for squaretail morph and she might not be. As a pet it won’t make a difference as there is no phenotype (visual) difference.