My new t+ albino Nicaragua


Where did you pick this guy up?

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I bought her in steenbergen (Netherlands). Her parents are inport from Nigaragua. So there aren’t that many of them here yet.


Oh nice. I’ve been looking for some here in the u.s. but I can only find normals

I can put you in touch with the breeder if you want.

Thatd be great!

I should have some in the future, fingers crossed!

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Funny, I think I might just got one of the sisters last weekend. She is 66% het t+ albino from august 2nd 2019. Mine almost looks like an anery. Very beautifull snake and great temperament. But yours looks also really beautifull. Would be nice if morph breeding for these guys really takes of in a larger scale.

Are you planning on breeding her in the future?

Yes I will breed her. But that will take a few years. But in time I will surch for a good male. I want to try to keep de bloodline pure. I need to find also a 100% albino t+ Nicaragua male.

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