My poor baby is coming home and I probably can't save him

A similar pattern will be present in most lavender tesseras, but the exact same pattern? Extremely unlikely. I’ve never seen two perfectly identical corns of any morph.


No perfect, but similar enough to not be able to tell the difference right away I’ve seen.


I really feel horrible for the snake even if it is or isn’t the original snake. I really hope that this baby makes a speedy recovery.


I’m no expert but if finances allow take the snake to an exotics vet and have a full checkup done (recently learned they train an extra 5 years on top) with a written report so should the other party start to slander your name or cause any other issues saying that you have not refunded the money or the snake was in poor condition when it arrived and take you to court you then have evidence stating that the snake needed emergency vet intervention and like other have said screenshot all banking evidence and also photos and conversations.


Due to a series life cotasrophies it’s been a while since I had been on here. Sadly the poor baby did die before she could even ship him back…or so she said. I did get pictures. My reputation is worth more than arguing with her. I just sent her a refund minus the shipping costs.


I’m sorry to hear that, even though it seemed inevitable.


I am sorry, that’s unfortunate. The very dehydrated snake in the pics you were sent did look to be in dire condition and would’ve had a difficult time being shipped. Sorry that you had this experience.

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