Mystery boy!

Picking up this male tomorrow, and the guy has no idea what’s in him. He’s a little young to pair him right now but I’ll be testing him out with a normal girl late this coming year!

Any thoughts?? I was thinking genetic stripe combo, and a friend said possibly an Ivory/BEL complex


Did he produce him? Is there any information on pairing?


No information whatsoever, he was just gonna breed him and find out too

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If you can’t identify the parent identification of the babies probably won’t be any easier.

Would it be possible to get better pictures on a solid background. What color are its eyes?

I would say its somewhere close to this combo I produced. No G-Stripe. It is a Leopard Pastel Mojave Pinstripe.



There is so many ways to make a paternless snake…

G-stripe, champagne, and various combinations like mentioned above.

If he is recessive its going to take a long time to figure out because you will have to breed back. If its a combination of incomplete dominate and dominate genes it will be easier.


As soon as I pick him up I’ll get better pictures!


Seems I won’t be getting him now, the guy canceled because he thinks it could be the Patternless gene. I mean I don’t mind much, but I kinda wish he told me last night before I planned this trip to go out there lol


That sucks! I mean gstripe and champagne are both patternless genes… it really proves nothing that he wants a “patternless” gene. It isn’t likely to be a “new” or “special” gene he has.


Instead of the obvious conclusion, they assumed they just happened onto an $8k ball python? One of the least worked with recessive genes at that? I have to lol at some of the things that go down with ball pythons. I’m with everyone else here, that’s most likely a champagne BEL gene combo and there is probably not anything all that exciting hidden in there.


I even told him I think it’s just a combo, but not sense in arguing with the guy! Just have to swap snakes with someone else I guess lol


There are some pretty obvious differences between this snake a patternless but that’s me looking at it through the lens of years of experience. The biggest thing for me would be the clearly delineated stripe. Patternless have a stripe but the line at the edge of it isn’t crisp like it is on that combo. Then the eye stripes are too defined as well.