Mystery gene? Plz help identify

Hey everyone recently hatched a clutch and three of the babies look like they have a secret gene in them. The father was a banana black pastel and the mom was a pastel pinstripe. The mystery gene seems to make a very solid dorsal stripe and blurs out the patter on the sides
Here is mom and dad

These are are 3 mystery babies

Here is one baby that is close to the mystery babies but is probably missing the gene. I think its a pinstripe or a black pastel pinstripe

And then we have 2 pastel bebes

I appreciate any help given!


Almost looks like you have a bel gene in there to me like Mojave, maybe the banana black pastel is also Mojave. The last pin pick looks pin Mojave and the others may be pin, Mojave, black pastel. Mystery pins are light so might have pastel in there too hard to tell for sure, especially if the black pastel is making them darker. That would be my guess, don’t have tons of experience with pinstripe though. Good luck!

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Ya we were thinking a bel gene like phantom or mojave. Maybe fire too

Why do you think it’s another gene breaking up the pinstripe and not black pastel? Definitely not a black eyed Lucy gene in there. And which parent are you proposing has the “mystery” blue eyed Lucy gene? Both look as advertised.

here’s a black pastel coral glow Mojave I hatched you can see the difference between it and your male.


Basically baby for the one without the mystery gene looks to be something more than just a normal pinstripe. That being said its definitely not a banana pin or a pastel pin. Which leaves it either being a really really good pin or a black pastel pin. If it is a black pastel pin then the first 3 babies would definitely have a gene that is not accounted for or they are black pastel pins. But after looking at alot of black pastel pins it doesnt look like one. So im a little stumped

I’m fairly confident you don’t have any mystery genes. The pastels look standard. Parents look as they should. I’m just nit seeing any weird babies myself personally. Pinstripe is super super super variable.

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So wr though the father black pastel banana might have another gene in him. I dont think its lesser or mojave because that usually wipes out the black spots. And he has tons of them

He looks like standard coral glow black pastel have a bit of experience with those to lol

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Ya im ithink you may be right. So you think baby 4 is just a pinstripe and babies 1-3 are blackpastel pins

Bel genes would of washed out dads dots not increased them. You pointed that out got ahead of myself sorry lol

Ya thats what i said. Oh you saw it haha i got ahead of myself too

One of those may be a dark pewter pin. Your yellows aren’t super popping in the pastels. Pewter pin tends dark to begin couple that with a dull pastel could explain the mystery! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you are correct sir!

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I have a black pastel Mojave that isn’t very washed out in pattern it he also has pastel and asphalt as well. Somtimes black pastel and Mojave don’t always totally destroy the sides pattern, although in most cases they do look. Look at some black pastel Mojave pinstripes on here. I don’t have a lot of pins, but I wouldn’t say it without a reason! @saleengrinch and the banana parent above looks to have a very striped dorsal, along with the disrupted side pattern, looked a lot like my Mojave black pastel. Who has proven all the genes I’ve stated he has.
Look at my pic and then some pics on this site MorphMarket . I most definitely could be wrong, but you have to admit the similarities before lol at my suggestion.

There is absolutely no bel gene in either parent I’m certain in this case. I freely admit when I’m not sure or not great with a gene. But your not going to convince me on this. I have hatched all the possible out comes from this particular clutch multiple times. Never seen a bel carrier with that many spots in coral glow and that mom definitely doesn’t have a bel gene. Pattern is also off in the color glow as is the color.

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You are right about the spots, I don’t have any bel bananas with many at all, but banana does a good job of hiding genes sometimes in it’s washed out color. Did you look at some of the hatchling black pastel, Mojave, pinstripes for sale right now on here though? I don’t want to put their pictures on here without consent but they look quite similar to me. Check ‘em out for yourself @loganstark see if you see any similarities.

I’ve hatched both those combos quite familiar with them. Neither parent has a bel gene there is zero indication of it. If you yourself don’t have any experiences with pinstripe combos why even try to identify them? Have you tried looking up pewter blast and seeing how dark they tend to be? I’ve hatched those also.

I agree with Shaun that there is no Bel. The Black Pastel is interacting as Mojave would in the Pins to look similar to like a Jigsaw would. I do however, think there may be a mild expression of leopard or some variation, that is creating a twist in the pattern on your Banana Black Pastel. One of the Pastels has the same slight twisting look to its pattern and I believe that is what is influencing the more prominent dorsal stripe the scrambling of the side pattern on the 3 in question. Here is a pic of a Mojave Leopard Pinstripe I produced. You can see the same prominent dorsal and blended side patterns.

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This has het pied in it. Without het pied, they look very different: more circular alien heads rather than elongated and connected

That’s not het pied I hatched it lol I know the pairing on that one first hand :upside_down_face:

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