Naming Animals, Or Not

I’ve never really named my cats, I name my dogs because it’s something I have to speak constantly. Rarely do I name any reptile outside of a few rare instances that they have earned a unique name. Houdini the escape artist, Big Man my monster gecko and Krusty because he looks like a clown. Most of my reptiles are named by what they are and the morph they are. Do you guys name every single animal immediately? All of these animals are my personal pets and every animal I currently house under and outside of this roof I intend to keep for thier lifetimes. Eventually they may all get names, but is it weird I don’t have that connection immediately? I also named my first leopard Dr. Rockso but that was decided before I ever bought him.


I don’t think it’s weird if you don’t name them, I’d bet a majority of the large breeders don’t name all of theirs.

Personally I name all mine immediately, and follow the same naming strategy from when I bred goats/sheep. Each generation of animals gets their own set of themed names. For example all of my 2019s are named after fruit. A set I used to have was all named after drinks, etc. It’s cute and helps me keep track of everybody.


I name all of my animals. Especially my cats since they respond to their names. Not naming them makes me feel like I am trying to love them less. They all get names so they are never forgotten and treated equally, and there are never repeated names. I usually plan out names before I get them too, though cats I get are always rescues and already have names and I would feel bad changing em.


I name all of mine, except for those I’ve bred/produced to be sold. Most big breeders don’t name all of theirs though. The process of naming them is part of the joy of owning them, for me, though. It might not be for others. We generally use themes as well, mostly book series or tv shows. A few to just randomly pop out and sticks to them though without theme. We have 4 dogs, 4 cats, 3 house rabbits and around 60 personal pet reptiles/amphibians, all named. Having several themes going to draw from helps a lot with coming up with names. I also enjoy getting to use a name I love but would never inflict on my children or even dogs, nothing you want to be yelling in pupblic.

We do some educational stuff with our calmest reptile and for the most part, a relatable name helps a lot with scared people, makes them into a pet and less like the monstrous thing they want to swing a shovel at.


I agree with @chesterhf , it’s not weird at all. You do you, and enjoy it :blush:.

Personally I name all of mine, I even have names ready for future snakes :joy:.

Some of my name’s have meaning, such as Goo -

Others don’t, like Regina and Samuels, my 1.1 Pinstripes… My wife named them after characters from Mean Girls

Drogo and Khaleesi, my 1.1 Boas, are GoT characters.

Goku my Banana is a DBZ Character.

Not really much thought goes into it like naming my dog, Bella after Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter… Ok maybe I’m not so good at naming my pets and I may have a issue giving them characters names :joy:

My cats called Pancake if that helps my case :joy:


I don’t think it’s weird or unusual at all.
I name all my pets, but that’s because I like the meaning behind names.

I think it’s the human in us that drives us to name pets. Maybe it’s a way to make ourselves feel better we keep them as pets?
Because in all honesty, reptiles don’t really need us, they would survive better in most cases without us I think. I think we need and cherish them, and so to connect more to them we give them names.


Almost named a pair of dogs Pain and Panic. Something about yelling panic out the door didn’t seem like it would be a good idea.


Hahahah man that would be hilarious tho. I think that’s an awesome idea, keep your neighbors on their toes.


I have only a few of my ball pythons named and they are the “og’s” of the group. Once we started getting upwards of over 100 it was difficult to do. But all the rest of my animals have names.


Just like everyone else on here I do name all my animals including reptiles. I believe that it gives you a stronger bond with them since you give them a name and it sorta makes you more attached if that makes any sense. The name can even be a word not normally used as a name. Awhile back I had a little grey cornsnake and I named her grey worm


I name everything, both my cats respond to their names, I have given all my snakes names based on what I think their personality reflects, even my car has a name. Lol


I name all my reptiles and even gave names to my breeder rats.


My permanent collection is about 60 animals and they all have names. It’s a lot easier to remember than ID numbers. It makes it easier to discuss them with my business partner and always know exactly what animal we are talking about. Babies I produce that are intended for sale get ID numbers.


That’s another benefit to me, I’m terrible with numbers, so while babies for sell get a numbering system, that tells me what pairing they are from and when they were born, names are way easier for keeping track of the others.

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I name most of my animals. For my pet-only ones it is because they are my pets. For the others it is because it is easier for me to log a project lineage in my records as:

“Wyvern x Grendle”

rather than:

“Butter Enchi OD Pastel YB (from Enchi [CK] x Ivory Butter OD Pastel [CK] 2016) x BlkPastel Cypress ([Outback] 2017)”


i named my first reptile and my second then i just stopped naming them

like when i'm talking about my boas i just say "my boas"

I have names for all of my snakes, except ones that I produced and plan to sell. So yes, I have names for all 17 ball pythons, 4 hognoses, boa, and… actually I don’t have a name for my garter snake yet. Haven’t been able to find one that fits well enough :joy:

All of mine get names. Some get their name the day they get home or even before then. Others don’t get a name for weeks because I can’t think of one. I have a BCI that I haven’t thought of a name for yet so she’s just “the boa.” I’m on the wait list for a hatchling woma python and I already know i’m Gonna name it “Woomy.” My supergiant leopard gecko actually has two names. “Cannoli” and “Chernobyl.” My girlfriend and I call him “Chernobyl” because he’ll occasionally snap and try to take a chunk out of you. It feels odd to not name my animals.

I do the same thing when I name! I pick a theme and stick with it for the group. It’s fun!
In my opinion for those that don’t name- there’s nothing wrong with not naming animals/pets as long as they are loved :slight_smile:


I am new to snakes as a hobby instead a singular pet but I have bred rabbits for show and meat For 20 years. I name very few of my female rabbits, since they normally get cycled out after a couple years for genetics, but I do name my bucks because they generally stay and/or get shown for years. I don’t think it’s weird to not name your reptiles, it’s not like you call them to you or show them for awards and points. I will probably name all the snakes for a bit until I get bored of it. It doesn’t make you love them less :purple_heart: