Native snakes legal or illegal in Indiana?

This is my first time creating a post on here, so I hope I do ok lol.

I am looking to potentially buy a leucistic black rat snake, but I know owning collected native snakes is illegal without a proper license in Indiana. Would a bred mutation of a native species also be illegal? I have tried to find info online, but haven’t found anything. Any input would be appreciated.

There’s always gonna be laws against taking wild animals from their natural homes. Especially species considered endangered or threatened. But I’ve never heard of restrictions against owning a domestically produced animal that has no links to a wild caught parent ect. If there’s legit concerns can always find a wildlife rehab number or a city number that you can call and ask. But sometimes even the locals don’t know state laws.

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Some states definitely do have laws about keeping, breeding and selling native animals, including captive bred animals. I would recommend calling up your state’s department of fish and wildlife and asking. In my state, non-endangered native reptiles can be kept, but can only sold with a specific license.

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Here you go


Ok, so since I am wanting a leucistic captive bred baber I should be good. Thanks :blush:.

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