Need help identifying morphs

Hey guys,

I need some help identifying genes please. We decided to start breeding, so we purchased a few additional snakes. I bought this snake from a reptile store, they told me who the breeder was and this is a very well know breeder. I had no reason to doubt it. A week later we end up back in the city for another reptile show. We didn’t find anything we liked at the show, so we ended up going back by the reptile store. I ask them if they have any adults females for sale and she said yes. Pulls the snake out and I say that’s a beautiful pastel enchi, she says no it’s a pastel fire, I said are you sure, she says yes, the guy that surrendered her purchased her from here two years ago. I asked her to double check the snakes sex, she probes it and says it’s female. I end up stoping by a breeders house on the way home and he pop’s the snake, it’s a male and he says pastel enchi… So this has me second guessing myself now, I’m thinking, I got screwed on the other snake as well. So the first snake I bought from them was supposed to be a Super Pastel OD 100% double het DG and Clown MALE. We probe the snake immediately when we get home and it probs female, not a male… Now I’m not that upset about it being a female because I got it for a male price, but you want to purchase something and it ends up being what they claim it to be. I think it has Fire in it, but obviously have no idea. Can some experienced people please help me out.


Looks like a Firefly (Pastel Fire)


Definitely FireFly. Could see it having OD in there, Pastel washes a lot of the colour out in that combo