Need help with feeding schedule

I’m a first time snake owner and am just looking for advice. A family friend breeds and has given some, but I only own as companionship so i want to make sure he’s not trying to powerfeed my girl.

I have a 3 month old spotnose ball python, who weighs aboht 147 grams. I’m currently feeding one medium mouse per week. Is that a good amount?


This is what has worked for me. Others may have different feeding schedules. Less than 300 grams are fed every 5 days. 300-1000 grams are fed every 7 days. 1000 plus grams are fed every 7-14 days depending on size of food item.


Personally would recommend switching to rats because if they get stuck on mice in the future it will be a pain.

Yours could probably take a small fuzzy rat weekly. (Where a breeder looking for faster growth might do every 4 or 5 days.)


You will get different answers on this question. It is safe to say weekly feedings is the most common. If it starts to turn down meals, then switch to every 2 weeks. Every snake is different, just like people. But let it tell you when to make the switch, and only after trying for a few weeks or even moths of it not eating every week. Most will skip a meal from time to time. So one skipped meal is not a sign to switch.
I agree with @crypticoils-pythons to get them on rats, mostly for the highter nutritional value. As far as size of feeders, rule of thumb is about the same size as the thickest part of the snake. If the snake tends to skip meals more often (if feeding every 2 weeks), then feed small size. This will very for each snake. You will automatically get to know what size over time each will prefer. I use to go by numbers, this age, this size, this often, but then realized it is best to let them tell you, as each one is different.