Need help with genetic Id

this is My 4th clutch, sire: Mojave HGW Pastel x dam: Mojave Mystic Pastel. Can you help me out? lol asked on FB but everybody is either clearing out, selling or at the Florida show. I dod the genetic possibility search on Morph Market, (clearing throat!) and WOBP. neither sight has complete Id’s and or pictured possibilities for each possibility. So IMO I’m coming to the Masters to beg your help! giggle.

so I am guessing (believe it’s a female) she is maybe HGW Mojave Mystic Super Pastel. lighting is not at play here. One of the pictures, the orange yellow spots do have lighter and darker highlights in places over the body. The dark (black gray) spots on the body and the tail would this be HGW coming thru or paradox. The Pictures are taken, after first shed.

Also, have a question: is there any specific things or signature things associated with the HGW apart from the leathel super? in Kevin"s Ultimate Bible (Awesome book by the way!) page 483 shows a Cinna Ferno and a gray no named snake above it with no gene cross, also have the similer markings but a total different set of genes except for the incommon HGwoma.
Thanks Cathy


By process of elimination I would say you are probably correct on your ID. Cannot be SuperMojave so has to be MysticPotion. Definitely SuperPastel to be that washed… So the only real question is whether or not it has HGW and it is darker and more patterned than any SuperPastel Potion I have seen which I would guess is the result of HGW being in there


Thanks for the confermation. What would make this combination on MM or WOBP? Never produced?

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The more genes you add the harder it gets to hit an animal with all of them.

You know what?.. I rescind my previous ID. Looking around a little deeper I am thinking this is a SuperPastel HGW Mojave.

It has a mystic potion head from what I see. If superpastel wouldnt the face be yellowed and more pastel looking. If going backwards in Gene’s. Remove the GHI and superpastel it’s a mystic potion. Lol that’s how come it gets confusing. It’s not a blu bell which I thought it was befor crawling out then seen the mystic potion. Lol theres no comparison pics.

MysticPotion is a BluEL (just a dirty one). This cannot be a BluEL because the eyes are not blue. And the nature of the genetics of BluELs dictates that you cannot add pigment back into them.

As far as the head being pale goes… Give it a few shed cycles and I bet it will yellow up a bit more.

That makes since too. Odds gods! It sure would be nice to have a confermation pic out there somewhere.

Right I see that ther is a mystic potion in the clutch as well same head. A mojo, mojo pastel and pastel mojo ghi. I believe.

Ask and ye shall receive:

Not a 100% match but close enough for genetic variability I dare say


Thank you, so this pic is a HGW mojo super pastel then. It is only on its first shed. Lol ahh! The waiting game. Meaning then if it dose get this dark is a mojo and if not then posible mystic potion.

Then again I do see the same head. Not quite the same stamp but may show up later as it sheds n darkens too.

That is still a cool looking snake in the picture.

There is literally no way it could be a MysticPotion. Like I noted above, your animal does not have blue eyes and Potions are a type of BluEL

If your animal does not get as dark as the one pictured then it is just down to genetic variability. As a hobby we are so focused on the handful of genes that we know cause specific morphologies that we tend to forget that there are something like 30,000 other genes in these animals and some of them have both broad and narrow morphology effects :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t4: