Need ID clarification, please

So I’m looking to purchase a new hatchling but his pattern and genetics aren’t matching up to my new eyes. I need some help from some of you more seasoned keepers. Please help me figure this guy out. :blush:

Dad is said to be a banana butter enchi pinstripe
Mom is said to be a super pastel enchi

They are claiming hatchling is super enchi pinstripe banana pastel.
My problem is that I can’t find anything that looks like him for comparison.

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I would say he is either a Banana Super Enchi Pastel Pinstripe or a Banana Enchi Pastel Pinstripe. It is hard to tell the difference between Enchi and Super Enchi in a Pinstripe.


I am inclined to say it is just Enchi and not SuperEnchi.

SuperEnchi tends to reduce the pinstriping more than what I am seeing in this animal