Need id help on mystery snake

This girl was picked up at a table from someone who had it from hatchling and no longer wanted it. Roughly 5 years old. She has yellowing where the typical gold would be, odd blushing with a deep black background, some speckles on her belly, and along the back of her tail the alien heads warp into a strange design on both sides.
No visible head stamping.

Any ideas?
She is being paired with a male this year to see if this is a genetic trait as well.


There have been situations where animals have a strange shed and lose part/all of their pigmentation. Many of these seemed to revolve around some husbandry issues. There are a lot of scars on this animal that make me suspect that care may not have been the greatest for this animal so I would guess that might be the cause here.

Another possibility is that you have a mosaic-type paradox situation and the animal is het for Albino. Kind of less inclined to think that however as what you are seeing is only in the gold areas and not in the black ones


I agree 100% with this possibility and while I wish this was a paradox I have seen similar animals such as this one that recovered from a bad shed and look almost exactly like this one.

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