Need ID opinions on this clutch please

Hey Everyone!

I have a clutch this year that has me looking for 2nd opinions. The pairing was a Mahogany Pied to a Russo Pied.

1-3 are extremely high white and my pictures focus on the only pattern they have.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated , especially those familiar with Mahogany.

Thanks, Mike.


I’m not very experienced with ball pythons. However some above pictures of their patterns would help. So far these are my guesses:

  1. Russo Pied
  2. Russo Pied
  3. Russo Mahogany Pied
  4. Mahogany? Pied
  5. Pied
  6. Mahogany Pied

My thoughts:

  1. Russo Pied (Mahogany?)
  2. Russo Pied (Mahogany?)
  3. Mahogany Russo Pied
  4. Mahogany Pied
  5. Pied
  6. Mahogany Pied

I think that the first two, having so little pattern, won’t be able to be identified as Mahogany or non-Mahogany until they are bred out.


Thanks for the opinions so far. I wanted to get a couple before I said whet I think. One difficulty is, as far as I can tell, Russo Mahogany Pied hasn’t been produced before. At least I haven’t been able to find a picture of one.

The Russo part seems obvious to me. 1-3 have it and 4-6 don’t. I suspect that 1 has Mahogany, but as stated the pattern is very small for an ID. I don’t believe 2 is Mahogany. 3,4, and 6 look Mahogany and I’m unsure on 5.

If someone with experience with Mahogany thinks that assessment is off base please tell me as this is my first Mahogany clutch and my opinions could be off.

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I didn’t find a Russo Mahogany Pied to compare it to but since 3 was so dark I figured that because 1 and 2 were lighter they didn’t have mahogany. It would also make sense if they were only Russo they would have less pattern since there isn’t another morph (Mahogany) interfering with it.

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