Need little help!?

Pairing was a “normal” poss het clown to 2 sires woma possible blade clown and a orange dream het clown hit 3 clowns to prove the female out and hit 3 other weird looking normals need help figuring out what they are please.


Photos of parents and after shed photos will help. Pre-shed photos don’t always so the right colors.

The 2 first photos are after first shed I’ll throw some pics of parents up also forgot to :man_facepalming:


OD het clown

Older photo of the woma


Why do you say “normal” het clown? She is a normal, don’t see anything special to say she isn’t. Are you trying to figure out who the sire is? We will need better photos of the babies in better light to figure that out.

Yes trying to figure out why I have a very dark black pastel looking snake in the mix

Was the female a virgin? Do you know the pairings that produced the two possible Sires? The one looks like cinnamon to me the other two could just be normals with the additional influence of het Clown. The one is brighter like there could be a litghtening gene in there, but neither of the sires appear to be very bright.

For sure Virgin we got her when she was about 600 grams and I figured the one was a normal a very bright normal but we had another for sure normal in the clutch also popped out a very dark clown

Babie 1

Babie 2

Babie 3

Babie 3 belly


And 5 the 6th is definitely normal for sure