Need some opinions

I have never owned a snake - but am learning more about them and caring for them. Specifically the western hognose. I am absouletly in love with these cute little noodles! Do you think this would be a good “first time snake”? I’m not really interested in any other kind of snake at the moment… and to be honest, I have somewhat of a fear of snakes - that I want to overcome. They are absouletly beautiful and I would love to add one to my reptile family.

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I think a hognose would be a good first snake, as long as you get them from a reputable breeder that has them well started on f/t mouse pinks. They can be finicky eaters sometimes.

Though they do tend to be drama queens and will play dead, or hiss and puff at you. Mine haven’t played dead but they have done the bluff striking :joy: one of mine even will flatten himself completely to try and intimidate me!

They don’t bite defensively, but might try and latch onto you if they think you might be food. My adult female does this all the time, which can make handling a bit of a pain.


Thank you, have you ever been bitten by one? Do you suggest an adult or baby? What kind of enclosure do you have? Sorry for all of the questions! Lol.

They can be if you get one that is old and big enough and you house it in the proper enclosure and provide proper husbandry.

Since you have no experience do not buy one that is under 15 grams, too many people buy them young a month or two and experience issues which are problematic with a tiny snake weighing in at 6 or 8 grams (the forum has several threads covering that)

Get a female, they get bigger and are not prone to feeding issue like males are which is often frustrating for new owner.

Keep in mind that they are venomous even though the delivery method is poor (rear fanged), the venom is very mild and they are not prone to bite, you can still experience a reaction to a bite that may vary, something to consider if you have children and or experience bad reaction to bee sting for example.


Thank you so much! I think by the end of the year I may get one or maybe the beginning of next year! I do have children. Fairly young children, but I never let them handle any of my animals without me being right there. I appreciate your response!