Needing help identifying morph pls


Hey, welcome to the community :blush:

That looks to be a Super Pastel.

Without some details it will be hard to determine more.


Providing some details on the breeding as well as posting an actual pic of the animal and not a screenshot would help us in assisting you


Thank you, I was told it was a firefly, and it doesn’t look like any that I’m able to find online. Had a clutch mate along with him that was pewter. I will post more pictures when I can. Thank you for your time

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Don’t have much info, was told it was a firefly, but it doesn’t look like any that I can find online. Got a clutch mate as well that is a pewter. I will post better pictures as soon as I can thank you for your time and response

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I feel like a super pastel would have more blushing on the head

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Definitely not a FireFly

I was thinking the same thing. But im no expert at identification haha. But the super pastels ive seen have almost a white/pink/purplish head. This one has blushing, but id still call the head brown. I could see regular pastel though.

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