Needing some ID help/Advice

Came across this nice Adult female That was surrendered too my work & have no history on her, so my question is… This look like just an odd single gene Mojave specimen?

Heres a few pics from weeks ago when she was 1st brought in before i took her home

Agree that it looks Mojave. Pattern disruption to it might (might might might might might might) hint at YB.

Can you get some belly shots?


Yeah that was my first impression cause at first quick glance i noticed a bit high flamming/Blushing on her side as well as the wonky patterns & thought maybe possibly YB but once i checked i just dont see enough personally in my opinion to say YB, so then i assumed just a very strange mojave or something very similar in the BEL gene complex at the least.
But other experienced opinions are why im here lol,
Heres a few pics i managed to take today couldn’t get em as good as i wanted she wasn’t having any part of sitting still for me as they never do

And i very much appreciate your input thank you

Yeah, that is a tough call… Other than the altered pattern, I am not really seeing any traits that strongly point to YB.

Might not hurt to breed her to something in the complex just to test it out


Thank you for your time & thought’s i very much appreciate you, she’s still a cool oddity to look at & have…Thanks

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Looks like a butter to me. Just throwing it out there. I’m pretty new to BP Morphs.

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This ball looks doesn’t like a lesser/butter. I would say it has too much remaining brown to be that.

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