New addition to the family

The little spurs under the rear, does that indicate female?

No, not at all. Males close to 4 g and 9 months of age or so start to show a line of pores near their anus. Later they develop 2 bulges that represent their hemipenis. Females are identified by their lack of pores and harder to be certain in identification until they are a bit older.

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Thank you so much, I actually just watched a ton of youtube videos regarding how to sex them! I am hoping to continue to build my knowledge on these guys so any tips what so ever are more than welcome!


Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve been breeding cresties since 2015 and hatched 26 babies between 7/19-2/20. I’m tending a herd of 50+ currently. Thus the need to sell. :rofl: :crazy_face:


Here’s an updated picture of the one you think is a tiger!

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Assuming you mean 4g or 9 months?
And I personally don’t think females are harder to tell, neither sex is hard.
I sex all my cresties before leaving me. I check them all around 5g with a looper. And touch wood to this day haven’t been wrong the first time. I then check them at 10g. And 15g before they leave. Depending if they go at 10 or 15.
My holdback females I have now which are 8 1/2 months old and 10 1/2 months old were sexed at 5g. That was that, both females. Unfortunately my other one sexed at 5g was a male. He’s now 22g and won’t be staying unfortunately!
But when you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze! I now look forward to sexing them all to see what they are :sweat_smile:

Brindle/tiger (can’t see sides) Dalmatian and tiger Dalmatian pin dash :blush:


I was going to ask you for your opinion on them now that they are older!! Hehe

#1 pictured above (Ducky) fired up in the pictures, she’s usually lighter.

#2 Onyx


Ducky, has black and red spots if you look closely.

I can’t see red spots on Ducky, but I’m looking on my phone… I’d say brindle dalmation

Is Onyx fired up? If so I’d say dalmation possible brindle, pin dash

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Oh the change!
I’d say Ducky is a Dalmatian with black and red spots, any of her fired down? Can you get any of her fired outside in natural light? May be pos tangerine. And also either brindle or tiger. Hard to see from those.
I’d say Onyx is a Brindle Dalmatian pin dashed :blush:


Onyx was partially fired up. Here is one of him fully fired.

Duckys red spots can be seen in pic #2 right above her front leg. Little blury so kind of hard to see! Lol.

@ghoulishcresties - Ducky always seems to be fired up. But if I catch her fired down, I’ll definitely get some pictures in natural light if I can😊


I can see the red now (I used the laptop) and I’d still say brindle for Onyx.

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Your profile picture is adorable!

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I assume you mean my profile pic, if so…
Thanks, it’s a pic of my lilly white called Milkyway, I’m sure he was posing for this pic.

I have a brindle too, she is orange.

Your crestie’s are amazing. Are these the only 2 you have?


Yes, your profile picture on here. I want a Lilly white. Maybe someday in the future…

Thank you, these are the only two cresties I have currently.


Thanks, he is currently my only lilly white, I’m planing on breeding him in the near future (hopefully this year). He was definitely worth it, such a character too.

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Cannot go wrong with Lillies! We’ve got Cherry our female tri lilly, lots of reds/orange on her base colour, she’s nearly ready but not sure who she’s going too. Possible our red Harley partial pin, Or our solid back lavender I think. Hard decision I must say when it comes to lillies!
And my boy won’t be ready yet, he’s only 5 1/2 months. But he’s a phantom Lilly with red confetti spots, already know who he’s having next year. :sweat_smile:

1 problem with lillies though. I’m going to want to keep them all, surely I’m not the only one who feels like this!:joy: