New baby hognose help!

I just got a baby hognose (its my first snake), & for the last 40 hours he has been buried on the cool side. Wont come out. I checked on him once, i just want to make sure this is normal. He is very tiny but i worry. I just want to have some peace of mind…

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That’s what hognose do, so long you are providing proper tempertures and that the enclosure is not too large it will be fine, avoid any stress until it’s first meal.


Make sure your temps are good and there are comfy hides all over. But it is normal for them to hide, especially in a new environment and most of mine spend most of their time on the cooler side by preference.

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Im pretty sure the temps are good. My house stays at around 74 & his warm side is set to 87

That’s a little low I would try to aim for 80 and 90, so the core body temp remain in the mid 80’s otherwise you will have feeding issues.

How do i get the cold side warmer? I cant put my house at 80 i would die lol

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Should i get another heating pad for the cold side & set it to 80? & put the warm side at 90??

Also, he is still in the same spot i believe. I checked him last night & he is responding to touch… But now you have me worried because of the temperature being 74. He might be warmer though being underneath the substrate, under one of the hides.

You can achieve that by having a second heat source, which can be another UTH with a T-stat or a heat bulb or che