New ball python owner I could use some help!

I got my first ball python and he ended up having mites I treated him 2x and had him just on news paper for about a week he seems to no longer have mites but he has some marks on his scales and I don’t know if I should be concerned


It looks like stuck shed. It will come off with the next shed and won’t hurt anything.

Okay but he hasn’t shed anytime recently and it didn’t look like that before I started treating for mites, but he did get very dry during the treatment because it was hard to keep humidity up with just newspaper could that cause this?

He could have shed and you missed it because the shed was in a small ball instead of a large piece. Since he was dry that would make the stuck shed more likely. Also, he looks very thin, so be sure that he’s eating. Since he had mites and looks starved you might want to get a parasite test done at a reptile vet.

Sorry In advance for the amount of questions.
Is it possible he is coming out of blue and going to be shedding soon? He looks to be a bit dull which can be caused by that.
Also how were you treating the mites?
Have you checked under the chin and around the eyes and vent with a flashlight to make sure they are gone? They can be very good at hiding especially on a dark snake. Also I would switch him over to paper towel if possible. The mites would be easier to spot.

I zoomed in but it was a bit blurry. Better pictures would help.
Looks like stuck shed as others have said.
There are a few ways to miss a shed and other possibilities, Apparently they can even eat it. see t_h_wyman post 22 below link.

It also looks like possible scale damage or scaring.
Is there anything that could damage the scales in the tank? Sharp areas or gaps it could get stuck in.
or are you leaving live food in and not watching.