New BP enclosure

Hi so I am getting a new bed but the bed I’m getting will have a reptile enclosure under it the enclosure will be about 6ft long 3 1/2 ft wide and 2ft high and I currently have two ball pythons they are both yearlings right now and I was thinking that I could put both of them in this enclosure and I know it’s normally not the best idea to house bp’s together but since it is gonna be pretty big I was wondering if I could put both of them in there but I figured I might check to see what you all have to say first


The logistics of it seems a bit odd. How are you going to squeeze under and retrieve the animals from the corners. How are you planning on heating it?

Young ball pythons don’t handle large open spaces very well so it would need to be very cluttered. Would you be okay with clearing everything out when trying to get to the area the snakes are in to feed?

It just feels like a lot of work for something that wouldn’t be out and about as much… Maybe a friendlier species but still unsure on how it would work to maintain heat and all well enough.


Ok so I was miss informed the enclosure is supposed to be much bigger but I am not sure of the exact size


I agree with @armiyana’s concerns, most notably the heating. I could see this working for a species that was fine with ambient temsp and cohabitated well (garters maybe?). Ball pythons are also not exactly quiet at night, and if you have anything in there they can rearrange and toss around, they absolutely will. I can’t imagine having them under my bed with the constant thunking

Also are your ball pythons the same sex?


I may be crazy but that sounds like a cool idea to me! I would either go with a larger snake though or maybe separate it into 2-3 cages depending on the real size to use for ball pythons. I think since it’s around 2’ high you could have front sliding or drop down doors. As for heat I would use a radiant heat panel on the ceiling on one side of the enclosure, also could use a heat mat depending on the material used and how the bottom is. Definitely no heat bulbs, you could use a led light on timer if you want the cage lit up during the day, I would think it would be pretty dark. Cool, slightly crazy idea-I like it! Keep us posted and if you go through with it tons of pics!


We are not exactly sure what sex they are because I thought that one of them was a female but turns out there is a chance I am wrong and the other one we have no idea


If you don’t know the sex I change my vote from probably not to absolutely not. Unless you can guarantee they’re the same sex I would not ever leave them together unattended ever


Ok so I have been told that the enclosure will be about the same size as a full size bed

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Have you ever had ball pythons before.
First I would get them sexed. You should know what they are, for many reasons.
I like the idea, space saver, cool thought, definitely different. I would have to agree that cleaning could be a problem.
There are mixed feeling on putting them together. Mostly all are against it. So you will get a lot of “no’s” on this idea. I do not take sides on this as I personally have not tried it my self. I did have some enclosures that I separated into sections and I had 2 that always found a way you get to the other side. I kept separating them, but I never had an issue and they seemed to like being together.
If it was me, I would devide it up into at least 4 sections. With their own heat and supplies. I think cleaning would be easier, you would not have to worry about them not getting along. And feeding won’t be a problem. I would add led lighting so it will be easier to see and find them, but also help with cleaning.

My biggest concern would be air flow. You will have most of it covered with only the fronts to open. Unless there are vents on the front of ends, I think this will be a big problem with keeping temps, humidity, and air flow set correctly.


Yes I have had ball pythons before but I only had them for a short amount of time we were getting them from a pet store and they kept dying very quickly and we had no idea why so we went and looked at the reviews and apparently they have quite the reputation for selling animals that die quickly and the thing about the air flow on one side of the cage there will be a screen so they will have air flow

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I would be careful with the type of screen. They can rub on the mesh and injure themselves if it’s anything too rough.

Also, male ball pythons will wrestle for dominance. So even if it’s two males, you may need to keep them separated depending on how they may behave together.
The reason some people figure out the animal was sexed incorrectly is because of the thrashing and bowl flipping that occurs with two males.