New Bumblebee baby

Still no sign of COCO not giving up hope … Still actively looking daily!!
I got her a friend …
Meet CHANEL my new bumblebee born September 11th . The spider Gene kinda scared me but after a lot of reading and researching I decided to go for it… she’s amazing and I don’t notice any kind of wobble at all not even at feeding and she’s very friendly for as young as she is .


Are you housing them together? That’s really not a good idea, for a number of reasons.

No separate… I haven’t found Coco yet but I look everyday I’m hoping she’s just somewhere warm and so come out in the spring it really sucks

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Bruh come on where did they even begin to suggest they were housing them together??? Let’s cut ppl some slack


The reason I thought that is because she said she got her snake a “friend.” Obviously I misunderstood.


That’s where my mind jumped too…it’s all right

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