New collection

Hi, I have an albino pied male just as a pet but I bought a guy’s collection that he was selling up. So I now have:


Albino pied
Het clown
Vanilla cream
VPI axanthic


Cinna bee
Fire X2
Sugar pastel
Het clown

What would you add, what would you cut from the collection and what would you pair? I have a couple of ideas but I’m interested what others would do.

I’d cut the fire male, since the vanilla cream makes him redundant. I’d add some Female VPI axanthic And pied combos. And replace the het clown male with a clown combo.

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Thank you for your time! Would you cut the male pied too since the male albino pied is there? Or do you think it’s useful to keep the single gene too? I’ll take your advice re the fire male and het clown. You don’t seem to get a lot of axanthic stuff in the UK (don’t understand why not) but I’ll definitely try and add some and a couple of girls with pied going through them all is definitely on my list. There’s a guy over here (Urban Constrictors) who does some stunning things with clown combos. May be something special to save up for.

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I would pair down most of the males keeping the albino pied, vanilla cream, and vpi axanthic, and keep the best looking of the two fire females.

Then I would take what I got from that and put into a clown male with at least one other gene, a pied female for the vpi down the road, and see what you can find for other multigene females. Assuming the vpi is good quality that puts you into 4 recessive projects that easily, prick Odds Gods notwithstanding, and a couple popular double recessive projects. That’s just my $.02, though.

No, I like that. On my own I probably wouldn’t be able to be quite as brutal about getting rid of those males. Which is exactly why I’m hunting out objective opinions so thank you!

Tbh I’d sell off all the males bar the albino pied and get a clown combo to replace them. That leaves you with a 1.4 ratio which would work quite well.

For the males I’d probably consider keeping the Albino Pied, Axanthic, and/or vanilla cream since they guarantee that all their offspring get at least one gene. But you’ll need to get at least het females to go with the recessives. For example, you could get some young visual females now, breed these guys out to genes you want to add, and then breed the male babies to the visual females once they grow up. There’s a number of other strategies you could take too.

To pare down the females I’d at least sell one either Phantom/Mojave based on tastes (personally I’d keep the Phantom), sell at least one fire, I probably would sell the het clown unless I made some purchase(s) to make it make sense to keep her.

Overall I’d consider whether any of these genes are exciting to you for planned projects. Seeing breeding through takes a long long time, and if you’re not totally hyped about what you’re doing, you’ll most likely lose interest.