New Corn Snake Feeding

I’m sorry that he did not eat for you. After this, just wait until your return to try again. Waiting will be more stressful to you than it will be to him. It’s very hard to internalize the idea that snakes can go so long between meals, but they can. I know I felt like I was going to starve my first corn when he was in “blue” and not getting fed, since I was used to mammals and birds. Snakes are different. Yours will be fine with waiting. It will give him some additional days to settle into his new home.

I agree. Chasing him isn’t conducive to him feeling safe and ready to eat. They are vulnerable when they’re eating and they know it. If they don’t feel secure, they’re not going to eat. Offer the next meal in his enclosure on something to prevent substrate ingestion.

Safe travels!


Thanks for all the advice.

Last night I put a pinkie on a plate while he was out. An hour later he still didn’t eat it so I decided to go to bed but leave the pinkie in there. Woke up this morning and it’s gone! Success!

As far as thawing out the pinkie I went about it this way. Put it in a ziploc > Placed in cold water for 2hrs > ran under hot water for 10sec > sat it on the plate in the cage. You guys suggest anything different?


I personally would skip the cold water. As long as the meal is smaller than a small rat (Which shouldn’t matter as it is a corn snake) then putting it straight into warm water is perfectly fine. What I do for small adult mice get one of those paper coffee cups and fill it with the warm water, let the mouse sit in it for 30 minutes then dump all the water out and refill it with more warm water and let it sit for another 15 minutes. For pinkies-hoppers all you should need is 30 minutes in the warm water. once you get to small-adult mice you should be good with the 30 minutes in the water and then replace the water and let it sit for 15 more minutes. I do like putting it in a dog bag or ziploc as I feed in the enclosure without anything under and that helps stop dirt from sticking.


I do the same with the hottest my tap can get, which isn’t so hot. I feed in a separate bin, and one thing I like about offering soggy mice to them is that I know they’re getting a little hydration boost with the meal. :slight_smile:

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