New Crestie Enclosure

Spent some time making a new bigger enclosure for our little guy, Rusty. This will be his forever home now. I think it turned out pretty good! Plants need to grow in, of course. The fake vine in the corner is from his old little enclosure. Jackie wanted it to feel like home!


Looks great, your prayer plant might end up hanging out when you open the doors in the future though. I have 2 and they are huge lol will look great when the plant has established.

I like to move something from the old enclosures too, I think it helps with the transition and you can remove the fake plants later when the plants have established, if you want to of course.

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Looking good, I will say, if were me I’d have more branches as they’re non stop as I’m sure you know, and they look like they’re all more towards the back now at the front? May be the pic.

And can he/she burrow in the substrate as they do like to do this. Even if he/she doesn’t now it may later.
Naruto my boy has literally just started burrowing and I actually thought he was missing yesterday and panicked and tore the viv apart. Turns out he was under the substrate divider :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:


I do hate it when they do that :rofl:

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Yeah the climbing stuff is kinda from the middle back. She didn’t want to cover up too much of the front. And he can dig in the substrate too if he wants.

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