New here 😍 First from Finland?

Hi there!! My name is Paula, want to get to know you and intoroduce myself. I’ve been reading and seaching info, about ballpythons. I come from Vantaa, Finland and going to get my breeding started next couple of years. No hurrys (for now​:joy::slight_smile: I’ve been loving snakes for so long, and had rainbowboas and cornsnakes before. So these cuties are our familys first :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My breeding morphs will be at least genetic stripe pastel. Maybe there will be stock gathering and More morphs will appear :see_no_evil:
Me, My husband and our girl 12y, says hello :hibiscus:


Welcome to the community Paula!

It’s so cool that you already know what you want to dive into it. The genetic pastel is always a gorgeous snake, and I can’t wait to read in the future from the clutches you’ll produce! Is this a hobby that you and your family will partake in together, or just you? :smiley:


Thanks :heart_eyes:
My husband IS a dog person for life…until he got our little BP girl on his hands :heart::heart::heart::laughing:He is on construction business, and he is now planning new staff, for more snakes to come :heart_eyes: So itse going to be whole family together on this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: