New Here, Getting My One In

Newish to herp. keeping,. I always chased newts around as a kid. Doing more harm than good I’m sure. My dad came home with a full grown adult female ball python almost 15 plus years ago. I was told she was pushing 20 years old and had been around. Knowing nothing about snakes at the time and never have had held one before, it was intimidating to say the least. She never bit me regardless that I or my mother never knew what we were doing. She struck at me but never actually bit me. We use to take her out to feed her live mice in another container. Which now I know was wrong and why it was so problematic. She lived almost 2 years with us before passing away. That was hard and up until last November I’ve had no interest in snakes, reptiles, amphibians, Invertibrates and or turtles. I now have 4 types of iso pods, 2 gargoyle geckos, 2 house geckos, 2 tomato frogs, 1 crested gecko and 3 leopard geckos. I say I caught the fever. I have a cb70 six teir rack and a two teir reptile basics combo rack empty. I was planning to make a move into snakes but have been hesitant with the current situations. I hope to breed a few geckos and snake species within the next 3 years. 2 years most likely being the earliest I would be ready. Trying to focus on husbandry and enrichment while maintaining cost and stress. I’m kind of anti turtle being that they live longer than some people and 30 plus years of solid husbandry is a lot to ask of someone. I also do not support selling problematic genes,. Breeding is not perfect or pretty by no means but the market is flooded with deformaties and it does not help the community. I also don’t like the fact that anyone can have and breed reptiles but the same can be said about ourselves. Cheers