New Hobbyist in NH

Hello everyone! I’m Kida, I’m new-ish to reptile keeping. I used to love catching wild things like garter snakes when I was a kid, but my mother was afraid of snakes so I was never allowed to have one. I had some green anoles as a kid and I got a bearded dragon once I moved in with some friends, but I’ve finally got the means and freedom to begin my reptile adventure for real. About a month ago, I got my first snake, an Everglades rat snake hatchling. Her name is Baskara and I’m completely in love. She may very well be the start of a future breeding project. I’ve fallen so hard for this snake I’m looking into getting a corn snake so I’ve got a buddy during the day too! I love rat snakes or all sorts. They’re an incredible group of colubrids, easy to care for but beautiful and active snakes. Someday I’d love to get a pair of blue beauties or rhino rats.
I may pop in to ask questions as they arise, but I’m likely to be a lurker for the most part. Looking forward to absorbing information from more seasoned reptile keepers!


Welcome to the community. If you would like any care tips on your Everglades rat snake then I would love to give you all the info I have gathered for them. I myself have an adult female albino striped black rat snake (both are variants of the Eastern rat snake) so I can say that their personalities are some of the best out of the snakes I have encountered. It is also nice that they are such large colubrids.

Welcome to the community, and your Everglades rat snake has a beautiful name!

Welcome to the community. I am here looking to learn and lurk too. I’m about to get my first bull snake here sometime in the next few months, but I would love to hear more about your growing collection and passion.

Welcome to the community! :grin: