New kids.. correct id?

Just acquired 4 Ts… All new enclosure stuff on its way for some much needed upgrades.

was got as a Pamphobeteus platyomma…but is much larger than i would expect for that species.



C. Versicolor


My dream 1st T is the C. versicolor. All those others are nice too.


All look correct, the OBT, P. sazimai, and C. versicolor, if those are pictures of your tarantulas. As far as the Pamphobeteus platyoma, I don’t keep that species of Pamphobeteus personally, but I have P. sp. Machala, and like other large ‘bird-eater’ species such as Xenethis intermedia, they grow extremely fast and I can tell you they get a lot bigger in person than you’d expect, if you’ve never seen them up close before. Do you have a measurement of how large it is? They can get to about 7"-8", at full size.

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Yes they are all mine.

I am not sure on the measurement i would guess that stretched out it would be close to 7" already since it is likely larger than my hand.