New male off feed for 6 weeks?

Hello… So my new male pied (2017) has been off feed for 6 weeks now. My other male has eaten twice in 6 weeks. My females are pigs! I know I have temps/humidity/enclosures on point. You guys experiencing this? My males seem really restless, too. I’ve always been a carpet python keeper, so not used to them refusing food for this long. Patience, right?

Your males are in breeding mode and will likely be off food for a couple months. Some will go longer. Adult BPs can go really long times without food so they should be fine. Are your females adults as well? If so, chances are your males smell them and are trying to get to them.


Thanks. My females are only 8 months old, at around 600-700 grams. I kinda figured it was due to breeding season.

The problem with older animals is that it takes the, longer to adjust so emulating to a T the way they were kept previously would be the first step.

Additionally we are talking about a mature male during breeding season.

After that there could be other issue such as previous over feeding which is common in captivity and even more so in males.



You guys are awesome! Love this site. Thanks.