New Morph Combo

I have created a new trait combo within my colony. I hit the odds after 3 years creating and using hets.

NEW Animal Combo: Rainwater, Gem Snow Blue Amber Eye. All 3 traits visible.
I call it THE MONSOON.

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DAME: Rainwater Albino, Burning blood Tangerine, h. BAE SIRE: Gem Snow h. BAE (proven), h. Rainwater Albino.

SIRE PARENTS: Sire; Gem Snow. Dame Rainwater Albino, Burning blood tangerine (2nd cousin to above sire’s dame).

I would like to have this animal added to the trait combo list with our name attached to it. I will of course send updated photos as the hatchling grows.

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Please fill out the new gene request form.