New owner questions

This is my first time taking care of a ball python and was trying to setup a humidity box but it seems like I must of over done it because the humidity is high and starting to get water collecting on the sides of the tub, I add more holes to help vent but still having problems, I’m using coconut soil bedding, noticed it’s wet but not overly so and where His hide with the heating mat the soil is dry, I’m not sure what’s wrong, and a side note I noticed he likes to curl up to his water dish and noticed the water had Begun to evaporated and yes the water dish is in the cool side of his tub, what’s something I can do to help get ride of excessive moisture in his enclosure?

If the snake snake is not wet and you can’t squeeze water out of the soil that should be perfect. That being said you want some condensation on the sides

This is our girls tub and she is doing very well. I also move the dirt so it doesn’t compact and spray with water when I see no condensation

Hope this helps

Ok I wasn’t sure if it was to much, good to know that that’s normal I thought I was doing something wrong

If your Temps are good than you should be fine.

Usually they will hug their water dish to cool down I suggest checking the temp of the heat mat/tape to ensure its not too hot.