New Project Thoughts

I’m a Caramel lover… what does everyone here think of making a Super Special Caramel? Is it worth the years?

I have a soon to be breeder Super Special female and a breeder CaramelGlow male.

Let me know

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I would not bother but it’s me, not a fan of investing that much time in a project that will produce animals prone to have birth defects, now if you were working with ultramel that would be different.

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Not a fan of caramel. Same. Ultramel, friend.

Caramel albinos have kinking and female fertility issues, right?


That is correct which is why not many people work with them anymore.

No 100% to any carmel project. Total waste of time and money.

Thank you very much for all of the information. I think I’m going to pair her with my GHI Mojave Yellowbelly male.



Ultramel for the win.

Ultramel is the way forward If you’re going with that approach

Like the others said. Ultramel is the way to go :slight_smile: