New Recessive Gene?

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is doing well! Have seen some incredible animals posted late!

I wanted to share a video of a project we are working on.

** I have been made aware that the name Chaos is taken by a combo in Europe**

Here is the video explaining how these animals popped up and what we have done with them this far.

Really curious to see what you guys think!

Will Moroz
Royal Canadian Reptiles


Deciding whether it’s a recessive or codom is tough because you can kind of see it in the het or maybe the het’s are just high expressions?? Nice combos nonetheless! Way to stick it out that long! Really interesting what it’s doing. Chaos describes it perfectly haha too bad it’s taken. Interested to see where you take it next, Congrats!

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Thank you. It could very well be a inc dom… I just have not produced enough of them ti really make that call. From the limited breeding I have done with it. It seems to be recessive (maybe it has semi visual hets??)

Anyway, Ill put visual x visual this coming season and see what happens!!




Speaking as someone that has been trying to prove a possible new morph for nearly a decade… I would say you have made a good start but if you want to be fully complete in proving it recessive then the most legitimate way to do that is to take one of your visuals, breed it to something completely unrelated to the original animals out to make hets, and then breed those hets together to make visuals again.

Also, a personal preference here but, I think it is important to make the visual in the absence of any other mutations so that you can be certain you are not seeing some strange interaction between morphs or alleles or whatnot.


Excited to see what you do with it. Sometimes puzzle and even clown hets have crazy pattern as well. So, high expression very well may be the case. Send one my way, I’ll help you figure it out :wink: haha

Oh I 100% Agree with you. I was hoping the pairing this year would produce a “base form” but so far, only hit them in Pastel Vanilla and Pastel.

We did breed the visual male to an unrelated pastel female. So those hets are currently on the shelf growing up.

This coming season we have 2 females in the project that we are able to breed. So again, hoping to isolate this.



I wonder if this new gene is some sort of allele with the pastel or vanilla…