New rescue kiddo

Fiance had a coworker ask him if we’d be interested in taking in a rescue dragon. Former owners girlfriend got mad and threw poor dragon out a second story weekend.

Brought him home monday, and got scheduled for a vet visit wednesday (today). Hes a friendly, curious dude, and has seemed pretty normal since we got him. Vet did a thorough exam, confirmed gender, and gave him a good bill of health! No broken bones no major issues other than clogged femoral pores. Suggested a warm bath daily for a weej to try and loosen them up. We’ll see how he tolerates it. Otherwise im going to let him use his rough surfaces.

He did Poo a tiny bit today so vet is sending it out for parasite check.


How could anyone through that gorgeous guy out?!? Just stunning to me. I will likely never understand people…

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Right? People are crazy. Hes SO freaking sweet too. Just enjoys chilling on our shoulders.


Just look at his friendly sweet little self!


What a cutie! Who the eff throws any animal out a window?? :frowning: Glad he seems no worse for the wear at least, and glad he’s in a better environment now. He looks like a real sweetheart!


Results back from khan’s fecal. Negative for all but pinworms, of which he has a high count. Vet wants to see how hes eating and get him on a routine, then we’ll recheck and see if the count has gone down any before we do any skrt kf treating. Hes not overly concerned as, pwr his words, theres some thought that they exist in a symbiotic relationship.

He has been settling in beautifully, and LOVES his “outside” time when i pull him out of his tank for some hang out. Interestingly, up until recently he has maintained a pretty dark coloration. Hes started to fire down more often and seems much more relaxed. He head bobs every time he sees Ace across the room.

We still have him in semi quarantine, in the 40g breeder in another room. Only until his “big boy” cage is done. Its a 4x2x2 and we’re just about done with it. I need to wire the fixtures and get them installed. I also need to get ledges and decor in, and substrate, and then he’ll be ready to move in. I think hell enjoy having a bigger enclosure.

Right now the doors of the build are plexiglass, framed top and bottom while we figure out the hinged doors. Previous cages have all been sliders and i dont like them with substrate. Once we’ve determined measurements and all that eventually we’ll upgrade to glass doors.

Ace will also be getting an upgraded enclosure, as his current home is the very first one we built, and there were mistakes made. :sweat_smile: i have a lot of ideas for his decor, as rn his cage is kinda plain and he does a lot of glass surfing. I need to go foraging for branches and things.

His current home, complete with broken sliding door.

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Ok what the girlfriend did is terrible! Beardies are one of the sweetest reptiles and you just throw it out a TWO STORY BUILDING Thats absolutely HANOUS!

Right??? Khan is living his absolute best life now tho. He asks to come out, and chills with me while i work. Loves his veggies and buggos and occasional berries. I adore him. Hes a fantastic lil dude.