New retic won’t leave water bowl

I just got a retic in the mail. She is about 4.5 feet long. She has spent 72 of the last 48 hours in her water bowl. I tried to find tics and I couldn’t really find what I thought was one. I’m concerned I shouldn’t let her stay in there. She lets me hold her humidity is at about 60%. This is my first retic I want to make sure she is happy

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She should be fine most retics just enjoy the water


Unless you see what looks like pepper floating in the bowl that would indicate mites.
I used to work retics and most of if not all of them from time to time would soak. Really nothing to worry about.


I don’t have a retic but I hope that she is fine

Yea look up some pics and videos of mites and look real hard make sure there are none and if it’s not a bug thing or a temperature thing then he’s just enjoying a soak

Yep. They love water. Also make sure that a dry space is large enough for them to be out of the water. I provide young retics a hide.


I would assume she just likes the water. I’ve owned retics for 3 years and many will soak from time to time. Sometimes they will soak for an entire week. In the wild retics are always found around a water source. They are a very water oriented species and spend as much time in the water as they do on land depending on the specific locality of the retic. Other reasons for soaking would be as previously stated would be ticks or mites. But those are fairly easy to spot especially in the water. Sometimes they will also soak in their environment is to hot. Check your temps and if everything is how it should be, I don’t think you have to worry at all.