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Hello morph market world! My name is woodro and im new to the snake world. I have 3 ball pythons (1 normal and 2 pastells) and in the future i would like to become a breeder. But i have a few questions for the community. 1st is how would i be able to determine the genetics of my snakes? 2nd how long do i wait to breed them? And 3rd question is how do i tell female from male?15630300549766318852844010880726|375x500


@woodro welcome! To answer your questions, genetics is something that takes time to learn. It helps to ask others that are more experienced what morphs are at play, after a while you will start to get the hang of it.
I would advise at a minimum 2 years or 1600 grams before your females will be ready to breed. Your males will be able to breed at about 500 grams, tho most people wait until their males are a little bigger.
You cannot visually tell a Male from a female. You will either need to: bring the snakes to a vet that is experienced with sexing ball pythons or, find a colleague or friend who is experienced. It’s not something you want to try yourself until you have been shown how to do it properly.
Good luck!

@hinglesherps thank you for the advise bt how many lbs would 1600 grams be? And basically i need to wait atleast 2 years to breed? Thats good also, it gives me enough time to get the basics of pythons down pack

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@woodro get a kitchen scale from walmart, they usually do pounds and grams. Easy way to keep track on your girls weight

@hinglesherps thank you again and if i have any more questions i will not hesitate to post them

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