New to the breeding hobby

I have a male Het VPI Axanthic and a female Spider. Wondering if the recessive gene will show if they breed or would I have to get a visual male/female? Also wondering the best way to get into breeding ball pythons. Thanks for the help!

You would need a female that is either het VPI axanthic or is visual VPI axanthic. Do note that the different lines of axanthic are not compatible!

I would recommend using either of these genetic calculators to see what your snakes would produce:

Most people get touchy on the subject, but for getting into breeding, I’d focus on the morphs that sell well in the pet trade. Such as piebald, albino, banana, or BELs. And axanthic of course.

I’d definitely recommend you start out getting your females, before you get your males. I heard a good ratio was 3 females to 1 male, as a male can breed with multiple females.

Best of luck and welcome to the hobby!

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