New to the Hobby - Chats?

Hi everyone. I’m Taylor, 28, from West Virginia. I’m acquiring young ball pythons and aim to start breeding once they are up to size. I’ve put in the work of figuring out my project plans and am generally enjoying the research and of course, the animals. I wanted to share a picture of a custom caging unit I had built that has 2 of my balls in it for now and will have 2 more in a couple days… I just love talking to new people and welcome any conversation. Advice in general? If you could go back to when you first started, is there anything you would change? Thanks everyone!!


Check this video out pure truth.

If I would could start over i would definitely get a few females, let them grow up a year or two before even thinking about a male.


@cyclopsridgeexotics make sure you buy more females than males! That’s why what my mentors kept telling me! Good luck on the breeding and can’t wait to see what you produce! :100:


Thanks for sharing! Matt and crew at Olympus Reptiles have such a wealth of info and advice. Love their channel!
That makes total sense. I did rush in and get a banana clown male that is fairly young, but he fits with what I have planned and is just an amazing animal.
Any projects you are really excited about?

Very sound advice, thanks for replying! I appreciate that. I have a real love for clowns especially and I hope that shows down the line. Do you have any projects you are really excited about?

@cyclopsridgeexotics me and my brother are excited about banana combos. Also vanilla, Mystic potion combos as well! Looking at clown and pied combos also. Pieds are a classic :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

I thought about pieds but I’m starting off with Clowns and BELs. I have a het pied female for sale. I’m actually getting a mystic potion soon! I also think pastel is a very nifty gene!

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@cyclopsridgeexotics Pastel is a great gene, goes with anything. Also try puzzle as well!

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